VARIA Pre-Piad MasterCard & VARIA Revenue Partnership

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VARIA provides a virtual bank account for the unbanked debtor. Help empower your debtor while getting paid via MasterCard. Debtors can receive their payroll through direct deposit free and can pay all of their bills online or telephonically. All under the protection of MasterCard Fraud Protection. Set up reliable payment schedules via MasterCard that are free to the debtor saving them big bucks and applying more dollars to their account.

The VARIA Revenue Partnership is designed to help increase your income by generating residual fees on our platform vs. your current options that don't pay you a thing.

Your collectors are already doing the work, you're just not getting paid. Call now to start impacting collections and increasing fe

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  • 1298 Main St. Unit A, Box 4225
    CO 80550
    United States
  • Phone: 877-286-2708
  • Fax: 877-286-2709
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